Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day, Natasha.

I met you right around 20 years ago. We’ve learned math and spelling together. Listened to our teacher read the class the first Harry Potter book. We walked home from school together and your mom embarrassed you by making me move a traffic cone out of the way for her. I jammed out with your brother in your grandma’s garage, playing Smell Like Teen Spirit and Iron Man half the way through. You came over with your brother and heard a “mixtape” I had made. Sweet Home Alabama came on and I quickly tried to change it because I was embarrassed it was on there for some reason. “I like that song”, you said with a smile.

We went to the same middle school and learned more complicated math and still, walked home together. I remember waiting for you and your brother outside school with my giant cd player in my pocket. We’d walk to the store and buy chips and soda and BATTERIES because I went through at least 2 a day. We stopped at the park for the free lunches and we hung out at our old elementary school together. But then I moved away and I no longer walked home with you. Sadly that really super fun part of each school day was gone. I hugged you goodbye at the end of our 8th grade year never knowing if I would see you again.

Naturally, we lost touch after going to different high schools only occasionally re-connecting on MYSPACE. Thanks Tom, you the real MVP. We had separate lives though I never really forgot about you and all the great times we had together. High School graduation came and as I was in attendance for your ceremony, I heard your name called and I remembered those great times all over again.Then MySpace died and Facebook happened and I received a friend request from you. Through some seemingly insignificant post and resulting comment conversation, I got your phone number. It sat saved in my phone for months, until I finally sent “the text” to try and catch up.

Catch up we did. And then some. You became my wife and my Forever Valentine. We’ve been married for 3 years now and every day I think to myself, “we’re just getting started.” In the past year alone we’ve visited the Golden Gate Bridge, Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, Joshua Tree and the Trona Pinnacles. Now all I can think is that there is so much more I want to experience with you. There is so much more that I want to create with you. There is so much more I want to LIVE with you. Because beyond what material things we can buy for each other or places we can visit together, I just want to live my life with you.

Thank you for being my support system, my business partner, my teacher, my rock, my creative partner, my soul mate, my wife and above all, my best friend. I love you so much.

Happy Anniversary My Love.


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